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Somewhere in Amsterdam I developed a Led panel system for growing Marijuana with LED's, these webpages show you the different tests I did with just a few plants in a 60 Watt, 40 by 60 cm system. These panels are the very first available that can actually:

Grow Marijuana with only half the electrical power of HPS.

Please note that this site is for educational purposes only.
Growing Marijuana is prohibited in a lot of countries. Don't grow Marijuana unless you are sure it is legal to do so.

Finally, You can purchase the LED Grow panels I developed

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July 23, 2017 Finally a brand new Set-up, thank you for your patience

Here is the new product, ready for it's final test, as you can see it has a huge heatsink and no fan, so it is totally noisefree. Besides that it has a square reflector to make sure the light is spread optimal in a square tent. The seedlings go in early august, please come back for more.

Most of the work is done by a CREE CXB3590 COB, as you probably know it has a fantastic efficiency, there are many reports on the web showing great results. In this product, the COB is assisted by CREE XPE2 led's, to give better control of the plant's shape.

For the vegging period, 4 CREE XPGDRY are activated to improve bushiness.

For the flowering period, 6 CREE XPEEPR are added to stimulate massive buds.

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These pages are sponsored by the Bonsai Hero Trimming Tool