Several people have sent me pictures of their results with the panels. I'm very happy with that, if you want to share your result too, please email me at: (change the AT for a @ ) Needless to say I will handle them discretely and it will be totally anonymous.

Here are very nice new pictures from Holland:

As you can seee this guy uses 4 ledpanels, 224 watt in total, the result is truly amazing; 371 gram of dry bud.

Here are some very nice pics from Belgium:

195 Gram of Amnesia with just 2 panels! This guy has seriously beaten me :-)
It did take 15 weeks of flowering, total powerconsumption 165 kWh, which equals 0.84 Gram/kWh. Amnesia is a Hazestrain, known for it's longer flowering period, but in this case there has certainly been some extra delay, here it turned out to be quite an advantage.

January 1

december 23

december 15

november 5

In the USA, a comparison with a 100 watt Inda-Gro panel (480$) has been posted on

This customer got 76.4 grams off of 1 panel (65 watts total) in 110 days, he says: 'Great panel ==== great results'

In Chili growreports have been published on a forum, in Spanish, you need to become a member to see all pics.

Here are some of the pics:

Here is another very nice set of pics from Belgium:

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