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April 20, Here's what 2 of these panels can do, 153 Grams, 5.2 Ounce of Bud. Total LED power has been 56 * 2 = 112 Watt, total powerconsumption has been 103.5 KWH. It took 0.67 KWH to produce 1 Gram, each KWH was transformed into 1.48 Gram of Bud, just as with Set-Up 9, which was the best so far. The plant area was the same as always; 40 cm * 60 cm, 16" * 24", but the 153 Grams is the very best result I've had so far :-), Whoopie!! Thank all you guys once again for all the support.

This time, 1 plate was definitely not enough :-) I'll let you know the dry weight in a couple of days. If my component-suppliers keep their promises, I can start delivering the panels from the 17 th of April.

April 11, The plants have been taken out, they were a bit late. Total power consumption has been 103.5 KWH.

April 7, The plants are ready, lots of yellow leaves and orange hairs, I'll take them out tomorrow. The link to order the Led panels is coming up, price will be 240 U$ (180 Euro), power supply included.

March 31, The plants are almost ready, I'll give them a couple of days extra. Buds are massive, some of them thicker than Arnie's biceps :-). In a week, I'll add a link to order the Led panels, we are producing them at this moment, price will be 240 U$, power supply included.

March 22, The plants are finishing, a few yellow leaves are visible and the amount of red hairs tell me they'll probably be ready at the end of next week. Please note the large amount of leaves compaired to earlier Set-ups, I think it is bacause of the extra Far-red and the doubling of the nutritions.

March 15, The buds are still getting bigger, looks like this one will beat all the results I've had so far :-) First red hairs are visible, the timing will be good as well, there is still 2 weeks to go.

March 8, The buds are becoming really massive and there are still 3 weeks to go. Please note there are no yellow leaves this time, no lack of nourishment at all, doubling the amount of fertilizer was a good idea. Bad news is that the PCB manufacturor made a mistake and delivered the wrong boards for the panels, it will take another 2 weeks extra before I start selling them. I'm truly sorry, no one wants them more desperately than me :-(

February 29, 4 weeks to go, they look and smell just great. I'll start selling the panels next week, thank you once again for your patience.

February 23, 5 weeks to go, 5 weeks to go,what can I say? They will become massive candles of solid bud :-)) Sprayed against the very few visible spidermites, just to be sure. Panel sales will start in 10 days, so you can do this at home :-).

February 17, 6 weeks to go, it looks like it's going to be a winner :-) Because the stems are much thicker, there is no need to support the plants yet. Even with 5 years experience, I am still suprised by the effects of adjustments like adding Farred earlier. Next week I'll receive the last components needed to assemble the panels, it's finally coming together.

February 9, Flowers are developing fast, the plants look very healthy with a deepgreen color, and growth has stopped. Also the plants are bushier than ever before, no stretching at all & with thicker stems. There is 7 weeks to go, I have switched to end of flowering fase, with all Led's active. The plants now get 10 mL of BioBloom for each liter of water, which is twice as much as the bottle recommends.

February 2, plants are booming, very nice. 8 weeks to go. Now that I have finished testing, I am working hard to start the panel production for you guys, thank you for your patience.

January 24, Sorry for the delay of the production panels; the result of the roottest will be implemented. They will be available 4 weeks from now, price will be around 240U$, powersupply included.

January 26, 2 days ago all plants have been transplanted to the 40*60 cm box, and I switched to flowering. They'll be finished by March 29. I also modified the panels so they give 100% extra Farred and the Farreds will be switched On in all fases. I do think the lower temperature with Led's will indeed effect the nutrient transportation through the roots to the top of the plants, I hardly have to water them, therefore I will double the dosage of Bio-Bloom. I don't think it's a big risk; the 80 liters of soil will be a great buffer.

Led roots can be totally healthy, this is taken after 10 days of vegging in Growth fase. What I've learned from this Root-Test is rather obvious; If the plants look healthy above the soil, the roots are fine.

Result of the first 6 plants with just Red and Blue, Roots are ok, above the soil the plants look pretty good as well. I do think the internodes at the stems could be a bit far apart. Please note it's hard to come to a definite conclusion with such a limited test as this.

Result of the second set of plants with just Red and Blue, Roots are also ok, plants look pretty good again, internodes possibly a bit far apart.

Result of the plants with extra Farred, these I like the best, the color is better, roots are ok and the plants seem to be a bit bushier with the internodes at the stems closer together. As a practical result for the panels I am building; I will use extra Farred from the start.

Here is the result of the plants with the normal amount of Farred and CherryRed (740 nM) added, it is quite clear the plants would have preferred extra Red or Farred instead of CherryRed.

January 14, Today I started a test to see whether adding CherryRed and Farred Led light during growth fase will improve the roots. The panel in the back is left unchanged as reference, the other is divided in 2 sections, the left one with Farred and the right one with CherryRed (740 nM) as well. In a couple of weeks I will know the result and the plants will then be transferred to the usual box. The strain is PowerPlant again, I won't change that anymore. The glascontainers are darkened to prevent disturbing the roots, thanks Rick!

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